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Satellite Install and Repair

We install new satellite dishes and can service and repair existing to work like new again.

A satellite dish works with SKY and Freesat giving you many packages to choose from and access to channels.  Poor TV reception areas may benefit from this option.

*If you are unsure if you live in a poor reception area then please give us a call and we will be happy to advice you of your options. 

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Some possible reasons for repair:

  • Water damage in the LNB or connections
  • Dish needs to be re-aligned
  • Storm Damage
  • Loss of channels
  • Signal breakup
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Sky TV info here.

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Digital TV service via a satellite dish with over 140 channels and no contract or monthly bills.  If you already have an existing sky dish that is not in use then why not add a freesat set top box and receive your free channels.
Freesat HD
Same as Freesat but you receive the high definition channels that are available.
Freesat HD+
Same as Freesat HD but gives you the facility to record, rewind and pause live TV. You can also record two channels at once while watching a third channel so you don’t miss out on your favourite programmes.