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Extra TV Points and TV Wall Mounting

Extra TV Point

TV Wall Mounting

Additional Sky TV services sheffield

We can connect other TVs in other rooms to your existing TV aerial (Or your new one) with extra TV points.

Magic Eye Option Available – This cheaper alternative to sky multi-room is a magic eye; this infra-red sensor about the size of a pound coin sits near your TV and allows you to control your sky box in another room.   Non sky customers can benefit from a freeview TV point in to another room.

Want Sky+ HD transmitted into another room without the need of additional box or monthly sky fee?

A new added option to the magic eye is a coax to HDMI converter allowing Sky HD viewing to another TV in HD resolution picture quality without the need of an additional box or sky fee.  Please ask for details.

*Discount available on extra TV points when added on as part of a new Aerial Installation with us.


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Plasma/LCD TV Installed & Mounted

We can install a bracket to wall mount all Plasma/LCD/LED/Smart TV’s.  We can also supply a better quality bracket than you would find in any retail store or ebay and at a much better price.

Our work is very tidy so we can arrange for no visible cables/leads.


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