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Monthly Archive November 2017


TV Set Up Service

Our TV Set up Service

With home entertainment equipment providing more features than ever, let us help with the set up so you receive the best performance, hassle free, leaving you to be able to sit back and enjoy its advanced features.

We will install any make, model or size television, this service is perfect for customers wanting help un-packing and setting up their new TV and other equipment like the SKY Box, Free view, DVD player etc.

Our TV Service includes: –
• Un-pack your new TV and equipment safely
• Move TV to desired location
• Connect other devices to your TV
• Tune your TV
• Give demonstration of how to use your TV
• Signal test your aerial with our certified metres

We also offer a TV Wall Mounting Service. We can provide you with fixings and a suitable bracket for your TV, hiding cables so that your TV floats like a picture on the wall.
Please call for a free quotation and chat about your requirements.


How to improve a poor TV signal

After a long day at work or school, there is nothing better than sitting alone or with your family to watch your favorite TV show. It could be your only chance to unwind during the day. But the problem is that if you have bad reception or if your TV has a poor signal, this relaxing time can become very irritating.

In this article we will explain the most important tips to help you improve your TV signal:

Update your aerial:
Most cases of bad reception are related to issues of frequency compatibility and broadcast location. Your aerial should be able to receive digital signals at a sufficient strength or you will end up picture breakup. Sometimes an upgrade is a must to receive certain broadcasts. You can also try to change the location or the height of the aerial. Sometimes doing just that is enough to strengthen the signal. Note that outdoor aerials usually get better reception than indoor aerials. Also the higher the better reception.

Check your wiring:
Make sure that your cables are all intact. Many times the poor TV reception is related to one faulty or loose cable. Make sure that all plugs are properly fitted and check the socket to see that it is snug and secure. The problem could be as simple as one loose cable that was left unattended.

Install a Pre-amplifier:
You must install a signal splitter if you are using the same aerial to supply signal to multiple televisions. This is because the divided signal becomes weaker and this causes your TV to lose signal all the time. You should install a pre-amplifier and drive it through the coax cable in order to strengthen the signal. If this doesn’t work you might need to strengthen it from the aerial outside the splitter.

Buy a signal booster:
This should only be your last resort as it can make your TV signal more subject to interference, which could become a serious problem on its own. Buy a quality signal booster because the cheap ones are not worth the hassle.

Get an amplifier with filtering:
In many cases, TV reception is affected by the interference from cell phone towers. This problem is easily solved by buying an amplifier with filtering. You just need to put it in line with your OTA aerial and your reception will be back to normal.

Replace your coaxial cable:
Sometimes replacing your cable with a better and newer one can easily fix your TV reception problem. A new high quality cable will better at helping with electromagnetic interference and signal noise.

Get a better TV tuner:
Some TVs come with high quality tuners while others simply don’t. That is why you will see that 2 different TV will have different reception quality even if they are using the same aerial. In that case buying a freeview set top box might be the answer. You should buy a high quality TV because they normal come with this built in. But you can also buy a freeview set top box for your old TV and you will immediately see an improvement.

Contact a professional:
If you are unsure on any of the above or if everything fails, then it’s probably best to call a professional aerial engineer.

Here at Aerials Above we will be happy to advice you on the best way to fix your problem quickly and affordably.