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How to get a discount from Digital TV Companies


How to get a discount from Digital TV Companies

Get the Best Price

Make sure you get the best price from your digital TV companies. Sky, Virgin Media, Talk Talk, are the easiest to haggle; with an 80% success rate from those providers.

What could I save?

For example a couple of customers successes showed that one customer’s monthly payments were reduced by £10 and one customer saved £180 a year so it is certainly worth the question.

How do I ask for a Deal?

First check what prices are out there for new customers, note down the best TV buys for the package you want.

Then call your supplier when you are due to renew and politely ask if they will do a price match. You have a right to leave so to keep you as an existing customer then it would benefit the company financially to keep you. Try to come to some sort of agreement, be polite but with a little firmness.

What if I don’t get the Deal?

If you do not get the deal you want from the first person you speak with then tell them you are considering leaving. You will then be put through to retentions (disconnections) and this department will have more power on deals.   Be polite still but tell them the deal isn’t good enough and you are considering leaving. They may try to call your bluff so do not panic, tell them you need to check with your husband, wife, friend etc first and you will call them back.

Wait A Few Days

It is always worth another call to try with another person. Do all of the above again and hopefully the deal will be yours, stay positive, polite but firm. Good luck!

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